Our origins are a public meeting in April 2018 attended by residents, schools, churches and businesses in the communities in the Charlemont, Ranelagh, Rathmines, Cowper and Milltown who were shocked to hear about the impact of the current Metrolink preferred route on the south side of the city. A community submission was made to the NTA in May raising our concerns and objections.

Rethink Metrolink Response to Consultation May 2018

We mobilised as a community with representatives from impacted streets, schools, churches and businesses and we meet regularly. We met local politicians in June and they all shared our concerns about the NTA proposal. We presented to the Oireachtas Committee on Transport last July and we were very encouraged that they too shared our concerns about the disruption to commuters (during construction) and the longer term destruction of our communities by the creation of a ‘Berlin Wall’ through the southside.

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We submitted a list of thirty four questions to NTA in September seeking to engage the NTA on issues that the community raised in its May response to the earlier Metrolink consultation. Their initial response was disappointing and we are insisting on more complete answers to our legitimate and urgent questions.

Rethink Metrolink Questions to 
NTA Sep2018

In November 2019 we stepped up our campaign to represent a wider group of impacted communities including Luas Green line passengers and residents and businesses in Dundrum and Sandyford. We are also inviting and those that would benefit from an alternative route (including Rathmines, Harold’s Cross, Terenure, Rathfarnham, UCD) to join us in ‘agitating’ for a more sensible solution to public transport across the southside. Volunteers will be at Luas stops & community events sharing a leaflet to raise wider awareness.

On Tuesday 26thMarch TII/NTA after a 7 month delay based on level of issues raised in the Emerging Preferred Route consultation, launched a second non-statutory public consultation on the Preferred Route, available on metrolink.ie, running until Tuesday 21stMay.

Rethink Metrolink would like to acknowledge the consideration given by TII/NTA to our concerns raised in the consultation process in particular in acknowledging that disruption to existing Luas Green Line services is a significant factor to take into consideration. We are committed to responding constructively to latest proposals. We will continue to communicate concerns of Southside communities & commuters and focused on achievement of the best public transport solutions for all of the Southside.

We have attended the TII consultation meetings to understand the new proposals. We will be making a submission on 21stMay and we have developed a leaflet with our summary view of the Preferred Route to share with Southside communities and commuters to get feedback in advance of the submission and we will be holding a public meeting. We strongly encourage you to make a submission with your concerns. The number of submissions by area is taken into account in weighting the public feedback.

GE 2020

In advance of Saturday’s GE2020 vote, we reviewed manifestos and asked candidates in Dublin Bay South constituency specific questions relating to Metro South. These are summarised below with supporting documents. Hope this helps inform your vote!
In summary:

  • FG, FF and GP have specific manifesto points relating to Metro South. They all agree that an immediate fact based review is required to determine best Metro South route. This needs to be done before plans are finalised on MetroLink, which currently is based on Metro going to Charlemont and cannibalising the  Green Line form Beechwood to Sandyford at a later stage.
  • FF, GP, Labour and Sinn Fein are supportive of DART Underground, a missing link in Dublin transport and that would save College Green / Markovich complex in the city centre.
  • Eoghan Murphy is saying FG will bring forward a new Dublin Transport Strategy to include the possibility of alternative Metro routes. Kate O’Connell rejects the idea of closing the Green Line Luas to change it to a heavy rail Metro.
  • FF have been specific, costing Feasibility Study for Metro South West and allocating capital to start DART Underground. Jim O’Callaghan is against destruction of Green Line by Metro.
  • Eamon Ryan and the GP are requesting an immediate review of the three Metro South options, East to UCD and South West options, have real merit and now need to be considered in detail.
  • Kevin Humphreys of Labour is against destruction of Green Line by Metro and review of Southside options needs to be brought forward.

As a new government is formed, based on these GE2020 commitments, we will be insisting on an immediate review of Metro South options be completed to determine the best route in advance of finalising MetroLink plans so that Metro is done right.

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