Rethink Metrolink was formed initially in 2018 in response to local concerns about the specific negative impact of proposals to construct a segregated high-speed suburban railway through the heart of our community broadly defined as living within the catchment area of the existing Luas Green line between Milltown and Charlemont. However, in the intervening period based on interaction with the local community and commuters, the group has broadened its focus to seek an efficient, effective and future-proof solution to the public transport needs of the south city.

Rethink MetroLink view on Preferred Route


Expedite Green Line upgrades increasing capacity by over 70%


TII/NTA have now recognised the point that we had made that by fully implementing longer 55m trams running at higher frequency, will increase capacity by over 70% which would cater for expected usage for up to 20 years, assuming no changes to the Line.


Metro Northside, Estuary to St Stephen's Green, route should proceed immediately


The Northside route has got the balance right i.e. an integrated approach allowing the development of parallel and complementary light-rail and underground rail. It is extraordinary that NTA does not see the merits of such a solution for the south of the city.


Canabilising Green Line still alive which will shut Line down for 2¾ years at a later date


Plan is to progress first phase of MetroLink, spending hundreds of millions connecting to Charlemont and beyond, on the basis that it will at a later date replace the Luas. With planned capacity upgrades this would disrupt what would be 80,000 daily commuters for 2¾ years causing commuter chaos, as well as the long term impact of dividing communities.


Transport Strategy review needed now to determine right Southside route


The Government needs to show leadership on transport policy and direct the TII/NTA to undertake a study of alternative Southside routes now in advance of Greater Dublin Transport Strategy, to ensure we are thinking long term on Metro and spending taxpayers money optimally. Extending the southern terminus of the Metro to Charlemont only makes sense if there is certainty over the planned Luas Green Line canabilisation with associated 2¾ years disruption. This would not impact commencing with MetroLink Northside route.


Greater transparency required from transport authorities


TII/NTA need to be fully transparent in its decision making and how they communicate with the public following the consultation period. It is not fair that we are learning about key decisions through media leaks ahead of any formal announcements from NTA/TII. As a statutory body, the NTA should be available to local groups to discuss the impact of their actions and plans on our communities.


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